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“train up your children the way that they should go” (Proverbs 22:6)

Get to know MStar Kids

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Miss Amy

Amy Halteman

MStar Kids Director

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At Mstar Kids we have one goal…for your child to grow closer to Jesus. Each week, kids gather to play games, worship, and learn about God at their level.

We believe that no one has more influence over your child than you! Each year, we spend about 40 hours with your kids in church, but you spend 3,000 hours with your kids at home. That time is precious! We hope you’ll use the resources provided on this page to engage your child in faith conversations at home!

Miss Mahri

Mahri Coen

MStar Kids Director

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First Family Visit?

Sunday Registration for New Families

New families can register online or in house. We use all information for kids check in,  allergy awareness, and for safe and secure pick up. If you pre-register by 5:00 PM Saturday night, you will be all set for that Sunday morning. Just stop by our kids welcome booths.

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Family Discipleship

The Bible Engagement Project


The Bible Engagement Project is not only a curriculum for our classrooms, but also for you to access at home with the app that we provide to your family at no cost. Best of all, your children are all learning the same Biblical truths each week, so that you can continue the lesson with family discipleship at home.  Whether it’s with our at-home activities for preschool and elementary age kids, or with the Bible Engagement Project’s wealth of tools on the app, we want to equip you to “train up your children the way that they should go” (Proverbs 22:6).

As an added peace of mind, you can know that all of our team members undergo full background checks and interviews before we allow them to serve with your children.

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What is the Bible?

This free e-book, written by Pastor Jonathan Cavalieri, is a great resource for kids and anyone else who wants to know about the mysterious, complex, and yet simple bible.


If you've ever wondered "what is the bible?" then this FREE booklet is for you

Start a Kid's Bible Journal

A bible journal is a great way to engage kids with their bible readings.  It allows time to the reflect on what they read, apply it to their own lives, and consider any questions they may have.  It also serves as a fun way to look back at their growth as Christians. There are many different versions of bible journals for kids based on their abilities and levels!  For kids with a lot of artistic ability, a series of blank pages may serve them best.  Other kids may like a more structured format.  We have developed a bible journal template that allows both.


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Kid's Clubs | Tuesday Nights 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Get ready for TUESDAY nights filled with fun, fellowship, and most importantly, learning about our wonderful God! Kid's clubs is for grades 1st - 8th
MorningStar Fellowship (Pennsburg),
Geryville Pike, Pennsylvania, USA
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