Ministry Evaluating: Are we doing the right thing?

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The Importance of Evaluation

Ministry evaluation can be categorized as a biblical command. Many Scriptures urge believers to examine the condition of their hearts. Since we can’t seperate our hearts from ministry, it makes sense that we should also examine the heart (condition) of our ministry.


The Four Evaluation Questions

  1. Have we identified the primary biblical purposes for this program (evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry or worship)?
    1. Any ministry that we do should follow one of the big 5.
  2. Are we reaching our target audience with this program? 
    1. No one program will make everyone happy. In fact if someone or their kids are not part of your target audience, then chances are they are the unhappy ones.
      1. What sub culture am I after ? (sports, arts, etc..) you maybe tempted to say everything, but if you shoot for everything you hit nothing. Whats your TARGET?
      2. What age group am I after?
      3. What town am I doing ministry in?
      4. Is it for churched or unchurched?
  3. Have we met our specific intended outcomes for this program?
    1. The outcome should be a reflection of the purpose. Plz note its very easy to revert to fellowship and claim a victory. What was the purpose of your event or program? Did you stay on goal?
  4. Are leaders fulfilling responsibilities for this program? 
    1. Everyone on staff is operating as a church leader – so going back to Scripture our role is to train up leaders to do the work of the ministry. Our role is not to plan, lead, run, and do everything for the ministry.


Put the current programs your in charge of through this Evaluation.

Amy –

  • Sunday Kids PB
  • Sunday Kids Team PB
  • Kids Clubs’
  • Admin Work

Mahri –

  • Sunday Kids QT
  • Sunday Kids Team QT
  • Kids Clubs’

Quincy –

  • Youth Ministry
  • Sunday Media / Team
  • Online Media