Isaiah Bible Study – Insights and Resources

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  1.  Isaiah was a prophet during the years of  approximately 740 BC and 681 BC. The entire scroll of the book of Isaiah was discovered in 1947, in a cave in Qumran, by a young boy throwing rocks in a cave and he broke a stone jar in which it was kept. The entire 24’+ long scroll has been preserved unbelievably. It is now housed at the Shrine of the BOOK at the Israel Museum.  Within the scroll of Isaiah, the Lord Himself states that He would preserve His Word throughout the ages. Thus, this being some 2500 years later and we still have it, with very little variation, He once again that HE does just what He says.
  2.  Isaiah’s name is Hebrew and has great meaning:  In the original language it is spelled –יְשַׁעְיָהוּ‎, when spoken – ph. Yəšaʿyāhū.  Yeshayahu, meaning “Yahweh is salvation.” This points right to the Messiah Himself, YESHUA. We will go into the break down of that in chapter 1.
  3. Isaiah, the man, was the son of Amoz; who was the the brother of king Amaziah-King of Judah. Thus, Isaiah was then part of the royal lineage of Judah.
  4. He was not just a royal member of the family, he was also advisor and prophet to his cousin King Uzziah; and he continued in this role all the way through to King Hezekiah.  He was gifted by God with the artistry of being a poet. Yahweh used this gifting in Isaiah to express some of the vision and make it more memorable to both the literate and illiterate audiences. Songs and Hebraic poetry are used throughout the book of Isaiah.
  5.  Isaiah is often referred to as the 5th gospel. This is specifically due to the fact that the birth, life, ministry, death (even details of the suffering and type of death), resurrection and eternal reign of promised Messiah, is declared in detail within this scroll. Seen even more clearly when looking back from our vantage point in history.
  6.  Isaiah has also been referred to as a mini bible as well. There are 66 chapters in Isaiah and they correspond quite amazingly with the Old Testament’s 39 books; and the New Testament’s 27 books. The last book of the canonized scriptures being the Revelation of Jesus that describes the end of the age, Messiah’s second coming, the destruction forever of evil and the evil ones, culminating with Yahweh’s completely redeeming all things and  new eternal life in the New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem all coming to fruition!
  7.  This scroll was given to Isaiah directly from GOD in vision form.  Ray Ortlund Jr. sums that activity up well when he says in his work on Isaiah, “Isaiah saw a Word from God…GOD is the one offering us a new perspective on everything.”  In the scroll of Isaiah the word “vision” is singular…thus pointing to the fact that the entire lifetime prophetic work of Isaiah’s writing was a single eyed work.  Truly it was Yahweh’s vision, and with that in mind, it is an eternal view! The reader must keep this in mind at all times! As you read, keep looking for Jesus Christ the Messiah as savior, prophet, priest, LORD of lords and King of kings! You are certain to see him just as Isaiah was privileged to see Him. Look!!!