Creative Ways To Keep Community Going

Jonathancavalieri   -  

Reinvigorating Fellowship 

Get inspired and be creative with your group as you read through the ideas below. Everyone in your group might have a different level of comfort with regathering, so be sure to have a conversation about what your group is open to. The important thing is choosing ideas you can all do together!


  • Individually reach out to your group members at least once every other week just to chat.
  • Create a dedicated text thread for seamless ongoing communication – choose the platform that works best for your group (i.e. texting, GroupMe, WhatsApp, etc.). Use this open communication line to share updates, and prayer requests, celebrate answered prayers, or plan an impromptu get-together at the park.
  • Make sure everyone has each other’s contact information! Keep an updated roster (hard copy or digital) that everyone has a copy of.
  • Attend weekend service together as a connect group and go out for a meal together afterward to spend time together.
  • Have a touch point on Monday after the weekend message to share insights and how the message impacted your life.


  • Get to know each other better by serving together. Ask God to show your group where their hearts, hands, and minds are needed most. When you serve together, it provides quality time and you get to see each other’s strengths really shine!
  • Take one of your meetings to plan a group service project. 
  • Every time you start a new study, choose a new ministry to partner with. 


  • Have a meal together prior to group time. Potluck, taking turns on who brings a meal, or ordering take out all work. 
  • Enjoy dinner together once a month, outside of your weekly group gathering. Plan a picnic, BBQ, or visit a restaurant (pro tip: Find a good Taco Tuesday place and enjoy together!)
  • Celebrate each group member’s birthday together and make them feel extra loved. 


  • Stay in the Word together. Open your Bibles each time you get together, plan a Bible reading plan together, or choose a devotional book to read together. 
  • Choose some of your favorite messages from the Morning Star Staff. Then, go back and watch them together online at Split the sermons into two parts to allow time for group discussion.


  • Play worship music at the beginning of connect group study.
  • Print out lyrics to songs and sing together or follow along as you watch a video of your favorite worship songs on Youtube.
  • Ask everyone to pick a new word at the beginning of the year to focus on, and find a Bible verse to tie in with it. We make prayer request cards for each person with their name + word + Bible verse on it, and when we meet we update each card with that person’s prayer requests and praises.


  • Have fun with a survey or quiz for the group to start the gathering. 
  • Find short tutorials on Youtube you can do together – you can find instructions on everything from how to draw your favorite Disney character to origami to cooking videos.
  • Some fun scavenger hunts, word games, and trivia games.
  • Have dinner and a game night. Meet at an outdoor food court and choose a game that people can play spread out together, like Yahtzee, trivia games, etc. You can even all download a game like Monopoly on your phones so you can play together on your phones while eating together in person.
  • Find a local fair or carnival to attend together.
  • Set up an outdoor movie night with a projector and screen in someone’s backyard.