Maddie's Story

Through the Door


Maddie shares about her journey as a chef and fight with cancer and how Jesus is her door to Freedom to help her walk through life.

Mike Kubus: Money Crunch


Mike Kubus shares his testimony of the power of being obedient to God when it comes to money.

Train Up a Child


The Landis Family shares with us that sometimes it takes the simple boldness of a child to remind us to stand up for Jesus in the face of mockery.

Jim Cardacin Through the Fire

pt. 2


Jim Cardacin is a follower of Christ who's been through the fire, only to be refined and molded by the Lord for His purposes.

Jim Cardacin

Through the Fire  pt. 1


Jim Cardacin is a follower of Christ who's been through the fire, only to be refined and molded by the Lord for His purposes.

God's Perfect Love


Bethany Fischer certainly experienced a great deal of God's restoration throughout her life, and upon the birth of her daughter, the Holy Spirit revealed even more about how to live a life honoring Him.

Running to God


Mike Kubus describes changing his focus from running after the things of this world to running toward God.

Marks of Hope


Josh Layton shares his powerful testimony of drug abuse and painful loss to being called by Jesus and finding new purpose and identity in Him.

Tia's Mission


Tia Reinhart has grown up at Morning Star Fellowship. At a young age, God revealed to her His plans for her to pursue missions work. As she travels to Haiti in 2017, we at Morning Star will be partnering with her spiritually and financially.

Justin Elwell’s Story


Justin Elwell shares about overcoming alcoholism and a past filled with fighting and disobedience to a life filled with Jesus.

Every Step of
the Way


Jeremy and Chathem Hooper share their story of how a significant trauma in their lives brought them closer in their relationship with the Lord.

Love Your Cup


For several years now, Kevin Godshall and his company, Love Your Cup, have provided coffee "with a purpose" to Morning Star Fellowship's EastWest Café. What most people probably don't realize is that this coffee comes from Nicaragua, and sales and purchases of it help support missions work.

Trusting the Lord With Everything


G and Jenna Galvan share how God moved in their lives during times of sadness and conviction to bring them to a place of blessing, joy, and trust.

He Called Me Brother


After drifting away from the Lord for some years, Dan Roman was reminded during a rough patch in his life the important truth that he was still part of God's family.

It Is Finished


Vinny's Sturdevant tried everything he could to impress his earthly father who wasn't able to provide for Vinny in a way that he needed. It wasn't until Vinny's heavenly Father interceded that he realized what forgiveness and healing were all about.

I Raise My Hands


Sheila Benner spent her life in church, but it wasn't until she surrendered herself in a time of worship that she realized what she was missing out on.

Unfailing Love


Michelle Pedrick shares her thoughts on motherhood and the peace that our heavenly Father gave her during a time of uncertainty and fear.

Unexpected Servant


Pat Austin may still be a new believer in Christ, but that doesn't get in his way of the responsibility he has to serve the Lord in any capacity to which he's called.

He Will Be Called: Everlasting Father


Mike Richards’ testimony

He Will Be Called: Mighty God


Alex Gieser’s testimony

He Will Be Called: Prince of Peace


Saralee Petersen’s testimony

He Will Be Called: Wonderful Counselor


Michelle Rogers’ testimony

The God Who Heals Me


Fonda Mann shares her story of forgiveness, cleansing, and healing.

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