Get to know Morning Star Fellowship better, grow in your relationship with Christ, and discover your place in the body of Christ. We offer a course with three classes to help you connect to the vision and ministry of our church. This course is a prerequisite for church membership; however, you do not have to desire membership to attend. Join us for three consecutive Monday evenings from 7:00–8:30 (dates to be announced). Childcare is provided.


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Class 1: Know

Getting to Know Morning Star Fellowship.

If you are new to Morning Star Fellowship and would like to know more about our history and structure, this class is for you! You will meet our lead pastors, be introduced to our doctrines and beliefs, see how the church is organized and how it partners with other organizations. Lastly, you will see where we believe God is leading us; through our desires, what we focus on, and how we measure the effectiveness of our ministry.

Class 2: Grow

Developing the Essential Habits of a Healthy Believer

Living our lives in Christ involves accepting Him as our Savior and our Lord. While accepting Jesus as our Savior is a step of faith that we take, fully accepting Jesus as our Lord over all we are and have can seem to take our whole lives.


Morning Star Fellowship exists to make disciples that make disciples. It is said that rescued people rescue people. Part of being a disciple of Jesus is stepping into a few disciplines or habits that help us grow and fully accept Christ’s lordship over our lives.

This class is designed to get you on the right track for spiritual growth. The KNOW class is a prerequisite for this class.


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Class 3: Go

Discovering Your Place in the Body of Christ

Find out what makes you unique and how you relate to others. You will have the opportunity to discover not only your spiritual gifts but also your passions!


Every believer has a purpose in advancing the global mission of Christ and the church.

This class is designed to get you on track with the mission and purpose of living out your faith in Christ and in service to Him. The GROW class is a prerequisite for this class.


Does Morning Star Fellowship have “Membership”?


First of all what is Membership? Sometimes people think that being a church member is like being a club member. That’s not really what the Bible is talking about when it refers to being a “member” of the body of Christ. In fact, in 1 Corinthians Paul doesn’t say the church is like a body. He says the church is a body. The phrase he uses to describe the individual connectedness is we are “members of the body.”


The word “member” in the Bible is more closely related to the medical word “member” than it is to the common cultural term. As an example, some of you who are reading may have lost a finger or toe in an accident. On that unfortunate day, you were dismembered. That’s the actual technical terminology. A member of your body was separated from the body. That is a tragic thing. So to be a “member” of something is to be attached to it.

What is a Membership Covenant, and is it even necessary today?


Membership is a scriptural expression of covenant connectedness to a church. What does membership look like or what’s the difference between just attending and becoming a covenant member of a church?  A member is useful and valuable, sharing in the work, the joys, the sacrifices and sorrows.  A member is committed to the mission of the body.


God makes us a part of his larger family when we are born again. But then we should covenant in a local body and live in community with them, agreeing to live by certain established godly principles and standards.


Membership doesn’t save us. But it enables us to grow and become spiritually mature in Christ. Morning Star Fellowship asks that if you desire to become a member of our body, you complete the Know.Grow.Go courses, you are serving in some capacity in the body of Christ at Morning Star Fellowship or other ministry, and that you commit to signing our Membership Covenant.

Our Membership Covenant

Having received Christ as my Lord and Savior and having been baptized in water, and being in agreement with Morning Star Fellowship's purpose, beliefs, values, strategy, and structure, I now feel led by the Holy Spirit to unite with the Morning Star Fellowship family. In doing so, I commit myself to God and to the other members to do the following:


I will protect the unity of my church

• by acting in love toward other members

• by refusing to gossip
• by following the leaders


I will share the responsibility of my church

• by praying for its growth
• by inviting the un-churched to attend
• by warmly welcoming those who visit


I will serve the ministry of my church

• by discovering my gifts and talents

• by being equipped to serve

• by developing a servant’s heart


I will support the testimony of my church

• by attending faithfully
• by living a godly life
• by giving regularly

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