Welcome. It’s such a simple word, yet it’s an important one. After all, we’ve all been extended invitations only to find out that we didn’t fit in, couldn’t blend in, just didn’t feel comfortable, and couldn’t wait to get out. In short, we were invited but never felt welcomed.


Jesus holds His arms open and invites us to become a Son of God, part of a loyal family, and part of the Kingdom of God. Everything we do in Men’s Ministry is geared toward helping a man learn how to live out the new life God calls him to, while also giving him opportunities to do that. Our goal is to teach and encourage men how to become a better man, husband, father, and Christ follower.


So, let us say once more the words that we believe every man honestly wants to hear: You are welcome here. You will feel welcome here. You will feel at home here.


Glenn Singer & Scott Baker

Morning Star Fellowship Men’s Ministry



Saturday mornings in the EastWest Café from 7:30–8:45. Let's study together and share some coffee and donuts. No registration is necessary.

Men’s Bible Study

Grow in the Word of God. Taught by Pastor Larry Serge, this class is held on Thursday mornings at 10 a.m. No sign-ups are necessary and this class is open.


Our men’s ministry hosts movie nights, annual breakfasts, outings, and service opportunities. Upcoming events will be listed on Morning Star’s homepage.

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